About Us

Visit the Flagship Shop at Hyde Park Corner and find the full range of My Rhinos and The Dung Beetle Collection, you will also discover exquisitely hand made collectable décor products that represent South Africa’s finest qualities, of craftsmanship, design and simplicity. Each piece embodies essential cultural significance and blends the values of tradition and innovation, to evoke a sense of awakening to the legendary Golden Safari secret. All Or-gari Golden Safari pieces are designed by London-trained designer Heidi Snaith: each piece is then adorned with her designs by a small team of artists based in Johannesburg and Franschhoek in the Western Cape.  The Dung Beetle Collection: each object of decoration is an item that intrigues and fascinates from the art form, to the scent and texture of the soy organic wax. The balls and beetles are signed by the artist and come with a certificate.

My Rhino was sculpted by Marina Walsh, the perfectly proportioned life size My rhinos are hand decorated and painted by well-known South African artists to encapsulate the essence of Africa, love and emotion. The large Rhinos are then replicated into smaller My Rhinos and each artist hand-signed the underbelly of the My Rhino which comes with a certificate that is individually signed, numbered and dated.

The Dinnerware Collection: gloriously decorated ceramic art dinner plates, side plates, soup and bread plates provide a kaleidoscope to adorn any and every table. The Candle Collection: made of 100% Natural Soy Wax, richly infused with natural imported fragrance oils, and elegantly encased in a classical ceramic handmade container with lead-free wicks. The Or-gari Collection.  From ginger jars to whales, each brilliantly decorated piece inspires the mind and intrigues the spirit.

Purchases for My Rhinos, The Dung Beetle Collection, Dinnerware and Candles can also be made online at or-gari.com with free domestic delivery, whilst delivery internationally can be arranged.