Or-gari Golden Safari Collection

The beautiful Or-Gari Golden Safari store at Hyde Park Corner acts as a display area, attracting clients who go online and purchase the products. The purchase comes with a complimentary card and there is free delivery nation wide. As the brand spreads its wings, there is more and more support and interest because of the  irresistible ceramic masterpieces that speak for themselves and their strong corporate social responsibility, training and development programs. Or-gari also have a blog space on the website, with intriguing editorial with bright images. A few of the bigger names that own pieces are Pierce Brosnan, Desmond Tutu and Graca Machal showing just how far Or-Gari Golden Safari has come and the kind of support they are getting.

The ‘Or’ in Or-Gari means Gold in French, the ‘Ari’ the end part of Safari and the ‘G’ is included to show the orange in the brand. The flower on either side is The Flame Lilly, Nicholas and Heidi Snaith's favourite flower. The vision and appearance of the brand really stands out and the European design element has been introduced in a way that definitely speaks to their specific customer base. Clients can also customise pieces to their own original specifications at a small added cost, leaving lots of room for creativity and a perfect way to spoil a loved one with a gift. From the magical Dung Beetle Collection and sculpted wildlife there is a magnificent array of pieces to choose from online.

It is truly a wonderful experience to get to touch a product in reality and then buy it online. Or-Gari Golden Safari supply and produce the items and are in control of the entire process from beginning to end which becomes visible in the quality of the finished product. Social media has grown the brand in a huge way as they constantly update their pages and the website itself, keeping up with the times and the tremendous pace that is the constant buzz of online business. The digital age comes with a massive amount of competition, perpetual change and enhancement as companies compete technologically.

Or-gari Golden Safari have enhanced the shopping experience and done it with finesse and style, paving the way for African business to grow online. What Or-Gari Golden Safari have done in their own right is put together a wonderful eclectic mix of tradition and elegance and further brought in a modern aspect, that really caters to the client and makes them stand out. With a strong online base there are no limits to where a company can grow and Or-Gari Golden Safari continues to show its continuity, as the online market sees how original and defining they really are.

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