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Since Or-Gari Golden Safari expanded into The Cape, there has been a lot of speculation and interest from the public as well as a lot of positive change that has come from it. With an amazing factory now based in Franschoek, Nicholas and Heidi Snaith have decided to open it up to clients so that they can experience what it means to put together one of the special pieces from A to Z.

Each piece goes through 20-30 different steps to get to the end product. No sort of effort or expense is spared leading to a once off original piece that is always treasured by the client. All of the suppliers are sourced locally which is a great lesson for other local business as this means expanding our own business and economy instead of spending exorbitant amounts outside of our borders, making it a proudly South African brand standing on it’s own two feet. Clients are able to watch and meet the different artists perform their trade and see the simple yet detailed art as it happens.

The magic all happens at the gallery studio where you will be able to meet and greet the Art Manager and get a feel of what the brand is all about. Clients will be able to buy a piece from their favourite artist, which is individually packaged with worldwide delivery also an option at an extra cost. This is a beautiful and original experience for the whole family and brings another dimension to the brand, as you are able to physically be at the workshop and see the artists doing what they love. Clients will also be able to get an autograph on a gift card from the artist and take photos with them.

This is a truly magical experience not to be missed out on and all are welcome. We can also customize a piece specifically for you and would love to meet you over a cup of coffee. It is exciting to see how Or-Gari Golden Safari is expanding into South Africa and we would love for you to be part of this journey.


Address: 55E Cabriere Street, Franschoek, Western Cape, South Africa.


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Byron Pinheiro