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Branding in Luxury African Products

Luxury African products have evolved in a massive way in the past decade. The Western way of living and the quality of their products and services are forever pushing boundaries and because of this our own economy and luxury space is always trying to keep up.

What sets us apart are our roots, colourful and vibrant heritage and a unique touch. To brand a luxury African product is to engage with the market in a visual, aesthetic and original way and by keeping to our strengths and putting a local mark of quality and purpose into our products, we expand into different markets and gain their trust and confidence. A fantastic example is The Limited Edition Dung Beetle Range by Or-Gari Golden Safari. The bright and lively designs and pure workmanship are of an incredibly high standard and the ceramics can take days to paint making the difference. ‘Sub-Saharan Africa has been identified as a promising market for luxury goods as urbanization, economic development and increased affluence among the expanding middle class drive growth across the sector.’ (Taken from www2.deloitte.com)

Or-gari Golden Safari captures the essence of luxury in Africa and paves the way for branding with their beautifully branded, multi-purpose and diverse products - www.or-gari.com

Five Senses and a Luxury Brand - The Entire Experience Counts

A brand truly becomes successful when it incorporates the different senses and also the x-factor into its product. When a client can smell, touch, feel, see and hear about a quality product, it makes all the difference.

The professionalism of the employees and the way in which they speak to the clients plus the combination of the senses makes a company stand out. ‘Luxury goods are categorized as sensory in nature, which means that they rely heavily on intangible factors to ensure sales and to promote the brand.’ (Taken from Luxury Fashion Branding: Trends, Tactics, Techniques by Uché Okonkwo, 2007). A definite must have are the hand painted candles within The Or-Gari Golden Safari Range. They are all hand painted originals signed by the artist and come beautifully packaged. The bright colours, intriguing designs, captivating scents and the fact that the soy-wax can be used on the skin all combine for an exquisite overall product.

The Or-Gari Golden Safari Range make for the perfect gift and collector’s item, go and order online on www.or-gari.com