Golden Branding - Does Gold Add Value to a Brand?

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Gold forms such a huge part of our natural history that it just never goes out of fashion. It is iconic in Johannesburg (The City Of Gold) because of its roots here and holds firm in the present local and also international economy that takes no prisoners.


Gold has an attraction like no other metal and to the human eye it shimmers and shines and definitely adds value and a different type of quality to a brand. Gold is always at the top of the fashion world and re-invents itself continuously as it adds value and excitement to the ever growing markets. Gold is a symbol of wealth and style and by incorporating it into your brand you set yourself up for the higher end markets and associate your brand with a certain type of person. ‘The color gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches and excess.’ (Taken from

The ‘Or’ in Or-Gari Golden Safari means gold and this innovative company sees and knows the importance of branding and colour in the packaging and overall look of the brand. Many of their items have the golden touch to them and they will also be using gold in invitations and other key areas of the business. Go to to purchase online.

Byron Pinheiro


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or-gari is lekker

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