Brands and Celebrities

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There is an extremely intricate yet important connection between brands and celebrities. Celebrities have a massive influence when it comes to the brands that they ultimately become ambassadors to. The trust factor is an important one as potential and already existing clients automatically look at a brand differently and trust more in that brand when they see celebrities involved in their marketing campaigns.

A lot of the time we see this sort of branding occurring in the form of massive billboards playing and tugging at people’s emotions. People want to live that kind of life and be part of the upper echelon, living the high life and enjoying the luxuries that come with it. To have celebrities behind the brand be it movie stars, musicians, sportsmen or even entrepreneurs, brings in another dimension and adds a huge value aspect to the company. This is why companies pay big money for celebrities to come on board with marketing campaigns, usually seeing big returns and interest in the brand.
No one can deny the celebrities overwhelming power and space in today’s day and age and the space they fill when it comes to marketing brands and building brand names. A couple of examples of successful partnerships formed between brands and celebrities are Pharrell Williams and Woolworths (Local), Leonardo Di Caprio and TAG Heuer, Julia Roberts and Lancome, George Clooney and Nespresso and Christiano Ronaldo and Nike. Or-Gari Golden Safari has worked closely with some well known local artists, one of them being Giorgio Trobec.


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