Art and Luxury - A Special Combination

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Art and Luxury, a special combination.

Art and Luxury – A special combination


You are walking in an upmarket shopping centre and you are looking for a Christmas present for a friend, she loves art but also loves the finer side of life. As you walk around you realise there are so many amazing things but they are all far beyond your budget. In today’s day and age much of the time, if art has a luxury feel to it and the materials that are used in the pieces are expensive to start out with, the pieces end up being too pricy for the middle class and even the wealthy depending on the brand.


The secret to opening up your business to a larger spectrum of buyers is to make the small things count, your packaging, your PR (Personal Relations), the durability and originality of the product and other important factors. Nowadays the experience and the fact that what the client is buying is tailored made and something original, makes a world of difference. Your entire package needs to be something that blows your competitors out of the water, from the beginning when the piece is being produced to delivery when the client has it in his or her own hands. Continuity and expansion within this type of business means being ahead of the game, being innovative and combining the luxury side with the nuances of art but also having something for everyone. With the competition in business soaring by the day, your business needs to stand out and have a brand authenticity and foothold in the market that puts you ahead and keeps you there. Obviously marketing is vital and the more multi-level the better. You are probably thinking but what about the costs involved? Think out of the box, bring something to the table that either your potential partners don’t have or use the resources you do have, to build your business to the point that you can spend on powerful marketing campaigns to elevate your direct capital through R.O.I. (Return on investment). The opportunities are endless when art is involved and the image of your brand can either make you or break you.


Or-Gari Golden Safari has something for everyone and are one of the leaders, when it comes  innovation and pushing the limits. This business combines art and luxury in a way that screams quality but is also affordable, with all the bells and whistles. It is a complete product from A - Z and also uplifts people with employment opportunities. Or-Gari continues to grow in leaps and bounds with the new ranges and beautiful designs they bring out. Look out for us in Hyde Park Shopping Corner where our flagship store is busy with Christmas specials moving fast and in Franschoek where the factory is producing pieces in high demand. You can also order online on


Byron Pinheiro

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