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The My Olifant Collection

The latest project which Nicholas and Heidi have brought to life is The Olifant Collection. With their recent move to Franschhoek, this was the perfect place to launch this exciting and dynamic line. Elephants are the heritage of Franschhoek and with the project once again giving back financially and raising awareness for the plight of the elephant, it is a fitting tribute to our Wildlife and The Arts. ‘The flag is basically a French flag - as the memorial is funded by the French government - with a grey elephant in the centre. This is because there is a pass between Franschhoek and Villiersdorp which was originally an elephant path, and the Franschhoek Valley, before it acquired its "French" name, was called (in Afrikaans) Olifants Hoek. Herds of elephants frequently used to roam the mountains.’ (Taken from www.exploresouthafrica.net).

The Collection will consist of small ceramic elephants all originally hand painted and signed, as well as life size baby fiberglass elephants painted by local and international artists. The ceramic elephants will be sold initially at The Franschhoek Feeling Store. ‘Clothing and fine goods Designed in Franschhoek and manufactured by our local skilled artisans.’ (Taken from www.wideangle.co.za). There will also be focused tourist trails where children will get stamps as they see each sponsored fiberglass elephant and at the end of the tour, receive a certificate saying they are now an official elephant ranger. This all comes together beautifully as art and entertainment come of age in this quaint but natural setting. The project will further enhance tourism in The Cape as well as give people a story they can relate to and a truly South African experience. Whether it is buying your own one of a kind ceramic elephant or building unforgettable memories through The Olifants Experience, this project not only brings exposure to the grave situation of elephant poaching globally but it also uplifts the community by exposing and building the artists involved.

It is this sort of idea and follow through that can make a global difference by opening up the eyes of the world not only because of its aesthetic value but also because of what is behind it. With Cape Town being one of the arts and culture hubs of South Africa, there is a wonder and intensity about the future of The Olifant Collection that speaks volumes. There is so much potential when you look at what can be achieved and we are all awaiting its birth and success.

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- The raw material is selected in South Africa for their superior quality and ecological attributes.

- Each artist hand signs the under belly of the whale

The iconic black box made is made in South Africa and exudes elegance.

- Each certificate is individually signed, numbered and dated.