About My Rhino


My Rhinos Mission statement:

To provide funds to Poached Rhino in order to protect, breed and conserve our rhinos through the sale of ceramic rhino ornaments and gift accessories.

- Each artist hand signs the My Rhinos under their belly.

- The iconic My Rhino black box's are made in South Africa and exudes elegance.

- Each My Rhino certificate is individually signed, numbered and dated.

My Rhino
The name ‘My Rhino’ was selected to increase people’s connection to this beautiful animal, making the Rhino not just any rhino but their own Rhino. Based on the same concept as the Cow Parade  and Elephant Parade, My Rhino has hand decorated and painted rhinos by well-know South African artists.

My Rhino has used selective designs have been used that encapsulate the essence of Africa, Love and Emotion, such as the Rhino with words scribed on its body. The ceramic rhinos  rhinos have been sculpted by a professional sculpture, where the exact exact proportions of the rhino have been taken into consideration, from  body  to the weight of the animal, making it as close to a replica as possible.

A limited edition range has been created that will be promoted at once off events and prestigious exhibits. The My Rhino brand wishes to increase awareness globally through as many distribution channels locally and internationally, in such more people can become further aware and be able to connect to such a wonderful animal.

My Rhino has donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust ,Kariega Foundation and Poached Rhino making this not just an awareness program but also a fund raising initiative. Retailers are also encouraged to donate further funds to a Rhino Conservation of their choice. Go to Donors under the Endangered Wildlife Trust website.  My Rhino exhibits their ceramic rhinos in Cape Town and Johannesburg on a regular basis.

Each ceramic rhino comes beautifully packaged and is easy to transport.

Since 2006 there have been over 2000 rhinos lost to poaching in South Africa. In 2008 the number shop up to 83, from 13 in 2007. By 2010 the figure had soared to 333, followed by 448 in 2011 and 668 in 2012. During 2013 a devestating 1004 rhino were needlessly butchered for their horns. Over 90% of surviving rhinos are now in South Africa as the populations elsewhere in Africa and Asia have been decimated. During 2014, 1215 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa.

DEA released stats: