Heidi & Nicholas

Heidis’ Innovation and Art

One of the most sought after and elegant collections within the Or-gari Golden Safari range is The Dung Beetle Collection. You don’t get more African than this and with the latest pieces inspired by fauna and flora as well as Cape Dutch Architecture, we see innovation and art exposed in a refined and original way. The way in which these pieces are produced and presented makes them one of a kind making this collection a fabulous tribute to art and collectables across South Africa.
This concept started off in 2013 and was launched in 2014 with it reminding people of the well known Faberge Egg ´A series of lavish Easter eggs created by Fabergé for the Russian Imperial family, between 1885 and 1916, against an extraordinary historical Baobab Dung Beetlebackdrop, is regarded as the artist-goldsmith’s greatest and most enduring achievement.` (Taken from www.faberge.com) Innovation and art is right up Heidi Alexandra the owner’s alley, having studied at The Inchbald School Of Design and with her being an Interior Architect, Heidi has an eye for the small touches and her overall knowledge of the arts and an interest and passion for business come together, bringing life to this exquisite line. Heidi was born in South Africa and left to Europe when she was 6 years old, where she grew up and lived in France, Italy and London. When she returned Heidi was 21, bringing back a certain European style and elegance seen in the sophisticated and graceful pieces, not forgetting a love for Africa, the special combination that gives Or-gari Golden Safari its essence. The collection includes Ceramic Candle Balls with two halves, the bottom filled with organic soy wax and both beautifully painted, as well as a pewter beetle. Other larger pieces, as well as the fantastic Dung Beetle Jewellery Case, are also some of the magnificent collectables that stand out. The wicks are made of cotton with included numbered certificates and every one signed by its artist. The candles come in different fragrances and are finally packaged in their own orange box, once again laying claim to the importance of the smaller detail and how this makes all the difference.

What makes them special is the combination of a stunning artistic original and a functional piece which can be refilled. Each candle is hand poured and can be found at Hyde Park Corner as well as Spilhaus in Sandton City ´An exciting shopping destination for both the mature and younger generations that offers an eclectic variety of merchandise which caters to all tastes.` (Taken from www.spilhaus.co.za) They can also be found at Constantia Village and Cavendish at The V&A Waterfront.

Nicholas’s Creative Ceramics

Nicholas Snaith the Co-founder and entrepreneur behind the inspirational My Rhino brand, explains that entrepreneurship “Is creating an idea and being innovative with that idea, whilst putting the business skills into practice to make that idea work.” Nicholas was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and from a young age, experienced art and business. He was born into a family of artists, with his father Derrick Snaith coincidently at a young age having lived in the same house that now houses, The Everard Read Gallery and eventually becoming the founder of Exhibition South Africa. Nicholas delved into banking and started his own coffee shop called Art Café, all before helping Heidi Snaith his wife with her company Or-gari Golden Safari, which is now among the top Ceramic Companies around. Not only does Or-gari Golden Safari supply wonderfully painted, original pieces in places like Hyde Park Corner and now also The Cape but they are also a statement to our local art and environment. From The Dung Beetle Candles and Jewellery Cases to beautifully crafted Sea Turtles, their selection of breathtaking ceramics is fast becoming a global phenomenon. “Uplifting the community and promoting artists” is what inspires Nicholas because “despite the talent of many of these young artists, they don´t have the business sense to further their career.”
The many challenges of juggling art and business are finding the correct clientele and market for your product, as well as having the courage and know how to put the pieces out there. Nicholas and Heidi came up with a sensational company called My Rhino which definitely drew the crowds and expanded on an already flourishing ceramics dream. My Rhino is a beautiful collection of ceramic rhinos, individually painted and signed, bringing life to a dire situation and filling homes with colourful and mystical artworks, throughout the country. Bigger life size fiberglass rhinos have been painted by the likes of Giorgio Trobec, Sarah Güsten-Marr and Mathias Chirombo and put on auction, such as the latest success at Hyde Park Corner raising R 43 000 for The Endangered Wildlife Trust which ‘Is a leading, high-profile player in the arena of conservation. Identifying the key factors threatening biodiversity and developing innovative methodologies and best practice guidelines to reduce these and promote harmonious co-existence and sustainable living for both people and wildlife.’ (Taken from www.ewt.org.za).

Or-gari Golden Safari and My Rhino have grown in leaps and bounds, Nicholas Snaitha testament to Nicholas and Heidi´s undying passion and unyielding determination as well as a business sense that is a head above the rest. As the word spreads of the timeless pieces that include dinner plates, espresso cups and many other originals with the air of the South African Bushveld prominent, the business steps into a league of its own, building on an empire of local ceramics that looks to take the world by storm.

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