Social Responsibility

Or-gari Golden Safari’s Social Responsibility Practices. Or-gari has strong levels of social responsibility which prove to be an asset to the Franschhoek community and society in which it is based. Social responsibility requires a balance of responsible business practices, sound business decisions and strong ethics and morals.

A major objective of our social responsibility model is to foster a positive relationship between the business and the general public. This refers to all facets of Or-gari’s reputation and the perception the public has of the business and the company. Ideally Or-gari is known for having good customer-service practices, reliable products and services, and generally an all-around positive effect on the community.

Or-gari is transparent in their financial practices which is part of social responsibility, as well as focusing on long-term growth, returns and financial stability.

Or-gari is "going green" strives to have minimal negative impact on the environment as a part of its social responsibility. Or-gari focuses on having strong "green" practices, such as implementing recycling programs, minimizing and eliminating pollution and waste.

Business Model
Or-gari has a sound, organized and growth-oriented business model. A company that meets these goals can likewise strengthen the communities in which it resides, creating jobs and returning on the investments of shareholders. Or-gari will ideally weigh out the pros and cons of new deals, investments and corporate decisions effectively and with a profound understanding of the potential risks and benefits associated with the decisions.