How to Use Registry

Step 1: Create a Registry Account

  • - You need to create an account first, Create an Account here.
  • - Once you have an account created, you can login and go to the create registry by selecting the button on the top left of the screen.

    Create a Registry

Step 2: Create Registry

  • - Once you have come to the registry page, You can simply select "Create New".
  • - This will provide you all the info required to setting up your registry.
  • - Once filled in, you can decide whether to make your registry private or not and if you'd like it to feature in the search results.
  • - Once you're happy, simply select, "Save Event" to save the registry.
  • - Once saved, you can navigate to any product and you will see an, "Add to Registry" button to add that product to the registry.
  • - Thats it!

Step 3: Share your Registry

  • - To share your registry, you can simply go to your Gift Registry by selecting the "My Gift Registry" button on the website.
  • - You will now see a list of your registries.
  • - Look for the Action section (far right), there is an option, to share your registry.
  • - You will now see the email section to share this registry with whomever. Add there email address, if multiple email addresses are added please seperate these with a comma.
  • - Create the subject.
  • - Create the message.
  • - Then Send.
  • - That Simple! :)